About BendingCorners

BendingCorners is a journey in jazz-n-groove.

Beginning in 2002, and semi-regularly since 2004, BendingCorners has been on a mission to increase exposure to the music we call jazz-n-groove (groovy jazz and jazzy grooves). We journey through the grooves of: acid jazz, afro-jazz, avant hip-hop, cool jazz, contemporary jazz, cosmic jazz, dub, downtempo, electric jazz, electro-jazz, funk, fusion, future jazz, groove jazz, instrumental hip-hop, jazzatronic, jazz dance, jazz-funk, jazz-rock, kozmigroov, modal jazz, modern jazz, phusion, progressive jazz, psychedelic jazz, nu-jazz, soul-jazz, spiritual jazz, and world jazz.

All podcasts are recorded live in the studio with minimal post-production editing. The live mix is recorded to a raw WAV file using Audacity on a Mac. The set is then mixed down to MP3, the description, playlist, and artist info are documented, and then all files are uploaded to the BendingCorners website.

BendingCorners is a small non-profit site. We buy all of the music we feature, and strongly encourage everyone to do the same. Podcasts are provided for personal and educational use only. All rights of the artist, manufacturer, and owner of the recorded works are reserved.
If you enjoy any of the music showcased here, please support the artists and buy their music!


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