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Empyreal Jazz Rads (63 minutes)
This is BendingCorner's annual year-end kozmigroov set where we explore the planetary sounds and empyreal nature of the music and artists of the cosmic jazz scene.
Enigmatic Spaces (62 minutes)
Travels in the tunnels of modern cosmic jazz groove.
Hot Buttered Hayes (64 minutes)
The legendary soul singer and arranger/composer Isaac Hayes passed away this month. This is BendingCorners tribute to the more jazzy groove side of his repertoire, including the full 19 minutes of 'Do Your Thing'!
Teo's Masterpieces (73 minutes)
The master jazz producer Teo Macero passed away in early 2008. This is BendingCorners' tribute to his brilliant productions. Presented in order of release, is one song from each of the ledgendary Jazz Masterpieces that Teo produced during his tenure at Columbia Records.
Miles' Indian Trip (81 minutes)
Spurred by the recent release of "Miles From India", BendingCorners explores some of the original material that inspired Bob Belden in the first place. BC has been waiting for an excuse to do a full Miles set, and this seemed like the perfect time to do so. Presented here are some of the trippier sides of Miles' Eastern inspired tunes from the early-70's.
Jazzatronic 2007 (52 minutes)
This is BendingCorners' annual showcase of standout "jazzatronic" tunes from the past year. As with previous years, this set covers some of BC's favorite modern examples of the influence of electronica on jazz and vise versa.
Hornin' 'Round (modern) (82 minutes)
Its trumpet time again at BendingCorners. This is the second of a two part series, and this time around we focus on modern day trumpeters with some of BC's favorite players from the 90's thru today. Like the classic first set, we again highlight the more progressive side of the trumpet spectrum.
Bending Dubs (71 minutes)
Another set inspired by luminary labels. This time around we explore the dub side of the groove, as pioneered by Channel One and Studio One. Spanning 4 decades of jazzy-dub, the set starts off in a traditional 70's style dub and gets more progressive with each selection. Smoke out and dub down.
Stoned Ninja bbeats (75 minutes)
Inspired by such luminary labels as Ninja Tune, bbe, and Stones Throw, this set explores the beat side of jazz-n-groove. Perfect for those late night dope headz sessions, this is beat heavy and groove wise.


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