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Galactic Duke
Galactic Duke (George Duke Tribute)
BendingCorners' kozmigroov tribute to the keyboard wizard George Duke. This set explores the more "galactic" of his material and showcases his tunes as a leader and as a sideman.
68 minutes | download
  1. George Duke - North Beach
    (from: Faces In Reflection | 1974)
  2. Cannonball Adderley - The Black Messiah
    (from: The Black Messiah | 1972)
  3. Jean-Luc Ponty - Foosh
    (from: Jean-Luc Ponty Experience | 1970)
  4. Frank Zappa - Eat That Question
    (from: The Grand Wazoo | 1972)
  5. George Duke - The Opening
    (from: Faces In Reflection | 1974)
  6. George Duke - Psychocomatic Dung
    (from: Faces In Reflection | 1974)
  7. Eddie Henderson - Explodition
    (from: Sunburst | 1975)
  8. Cannonball Adderley - Phases
    (from: Pyramid | 1974)
  9. Nat Adderley - Traffic
    (from: Double Exposuer | 1975)
  10. George Duke - Vulcan Mind Probe
    (from: Solo Keyboard Album | 1976)
Bye Bye Byrd
Bye Bye Byrd (Donald Byrd Tribute)
BendingCorners' kozmigroov tribute to the legendary jazz trumpeter Donald Byrd.
65 minutes | download
  1. Fancy Free
    (from: Fancy Free | 1969)
  2. Kofi
    (from: Kofi | 1970)
  3. Estavanico
    (from: Electric Byrd | 1970)
  4. Fufu
    (from: Kofi | 1970)
  5. The Emperor
    (from: Ethiopian Knights | 1971)
  6. Black Byrd
    (from: Black Byrd | 1972)
  7. Lansana's Priestess
    (from: Street Lady | 1973)
Sonic Jazz Trek   (rebroadcast)
Originally broadcast in
Sonic Jazz Trek (78 minutes)
Another set in BC's ongoing series of kozmigroov explorations! A sonic trek through the space of cosmic jazz groove.
Cinematic Jazz Scenes   (rebroadcast)
Originally broadcast in
Cinematic Jazz Scenes (72 minutes)
A set of moody, smokey, and cinematic jazz for an invisible soundtrack. Close your eyes and picture sitting in a plush and comfy theatre chair while watching an imaginary film for these tunes.
Epic Jazz Brew   (rebroadcast)
Originally broadcast in
Epic Jazz Brew (78 minutes)
Oh its a brew alright, its a freakin' Bitches Brew in there! Inspired by Miles' Bitches Brew era, this is a mix of brew styled cosmic jazz of epic proportions (and length). Its kozmic!
Out In Between   (rebroadcast)
Originally broadcast in
Out In Between (76 minutes)
Is it jazz? Is it rock? Is it electronic? Who knows, who cares. These tunes don't fit into a nice genre as they tend to fall inbetween categories and are often on the more "out" side of things. Though they are "out", and probably won't be heard on a dance floor anytime soon, they certainly do groove. Out Groove?
Cosmic Jazz Journeys   (rebroadcast)
Originally broadcast in
Cosmic Jazz Journeys (77 minutes)
A cosmic journey of jazz grooves. Kozmigroov at its finest!
Galactic Jazz Trip   (rebroadcast)
Originally broadcast in
Galactic Jazz Trip (74 minutes)
A galactic trip through the cosmos of KOZMIGROOV!
10th Anniversary Year
Has it really been 10 years of BendingCorners? Yup, 2012 marks our 10th year of bending musical corners! And in celebration, we are going to re-broadcast some of our favorite podcasts from years past over the course of 2012. We may have slowed down, but we continue to bend.

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