Out In Between (76 minutes)
Is it jazz? Is it rock? Is it electronic? Who knows, who cares. These tunes don't fit into a nice genre as they tend to fall inbetween categories and are often on the more "out" side of things. Though they are "out", and probably won't be heard on a dance floor anytime soon, they certainly do groove. Out Groove?
artist song album
Conjoint La Pluie Et La Seine Earprints
Gregery Fleckner Quintet Will You Be My Steady Goodby Morals, Hello Happiness
(12" single)
Flanger Unosietecero Outer Space / Inner Space
Tied & Tickled Trio Bungalow Observing Systems
Freeform Arkestra Tyrrhenean Sea Metamorphosis
Wibutee Into Shapes Eight Domestic Challenges
Four Tet Misnomer 12" single
Innerzone Orchestra Basic Math Programmed
Eivind Aarset Superstrings Electronique Noire
Audun Kleive Obelisk Generator X
Tim Hagans Hud Doyle Animation Imagination
Ponga Pimba s/t
Dave Douglas The Great Schism Freak In

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