Cinematic Jazz Scenes (72 minutes)
A set of moody, smokey, and cinematic jazz for an invisible soundtrack. Close your eyes and picture sitting in a plush and comfy theatre chair while watching an imaginary film for these tunes.

artist song
David Axelrod The Human Abstract (mixed with Sycophants/second)
DJ Shadow What Does Your Soul Look Like
Four Tet Parks
John McEntire Criminal Record
Red Snapper Odd Man Out
Innerzone Orchestra At Les
Ian O'Brien Piano Black
Hajime Yoshizawa Absym
Erik Truffaz The Dawn
Les Gammas Guaunco (Cinematic Orchestra mix)
Freeform Arkestra Playin' Cool
Christian Charles Jazzanthrope
Megashira Sleeping Planet
Cinematic Orchestra Everyday


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Mon Mar 26 20:46:37 PDT 2007
~xi~ said:
perfect soundtrack for a special day...with a special someone ;~)
Mon Mar 19 06:53:36 PDT 2007
Miles said:
Could you please specify the playlist, (right order of time) ?

Sat Dec 2 11:27:58 PST 2006
Jeton said:
Cinematic, truly!

Thank you for this collection.

And keep up the work.

Mon May 1 10:19:53 PDT 2006
Ria Bacon said:
Great background sounds while I'm working. Excellent selection.

Big up for your taste and thoughtfulness in passing it on.

Ria in Jamaica
Wed Dec 28 19:33:18 PST 2005
cygn said:
This is great!
I did something similar, a mix of cinematic Drum and Bass and original soundtracks. If you are interested, you can download it here:
Thu Sep 15 23:57:29 PDT 2005
GBA said:
love it - cheers for taking the time to share this
Sun Jul 10 08:16:16 PDT 2005
kai said:
nice one.
Mon Jun 13 12:39:42 PDT 2005
anonymous said:
cinematic indeed!


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