Double Z (69 minutes)
Jazz ROCKS!! Putting the double "z" into jaZZ, this mix explores the heavy side of jazz. We've had enough of the nice and lite spring time grooves; things are getting hot outside and its time to heat it up here at the BC.

artist song album time
Ponga Pick Up The Pieces of Satan Ponga 0:00
Steve Grossman WBAI Some Shapes To Come 5:00
Tony Williams Lifetime Where Emergency 7:00
Ian Carr w/ Nucleus Bedrock Deadlock Solar Plexus 11:00
Mark Isham Internet Miles Remembered 16:00
Bitches Brew Rated X Gooey Dewey 20:00
Garage a Trois Chupacadabra Mystery Funk 24:00
McNeal & Niles Punk Funk Thrust 28:00
Gary Burton Vibrafinger Goodvibes 34:00
Roy Ayers Can You Dig It? Ubiquity 40:00
Miles Davis Sivad Live Evil 46:00
Miles Davis Moja Dark Magus 49:00
Miles Davis Aida The Man With The Horn 56:00
Erik Truffaz Seven Skies The Walk Of The Giant Turtle 63:00


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Fri Jul 11 03:30:17 PDT 2008
jacko said:

WoW need a few rescue remedy drops with that..! good stuff ..
Thu Dec 7 08:00:04 PST 2006
Klug said:
Absolutly Jazz, Funk Rock Fusion!! Too Heavy sound! Too much good rithm! Thx for all your podcasts. "Une autre! Une Autre!" as We say in french.
Sun Dec 3 04:30:38 PST 2006
mwrivs said:
Saw Isham's band do this track live - hard to believe, but even more blistering than this!!!!
Thu Jun 8 07:36:15 PDT 2006
norelpref said:
This was an extraordinary mix, a great unexpected surprise for my ears when it came up in my Nomad player. Bravo! Encore, encore!
Tue Apr 11 17:50:32 PDT 2006
Giovanni said:
Maravilhoso! = Wonderful!
Ive never heard anything like this, and its great!
Fri Mar 24 14:01:19 PST 2006
MILES said:
Fri Feb 3 04:00:14 PST 2006
Ed said:
WOW great set!! a track by Circle would fit in nicely..
Wed Dec 21 10:16:04 PST 2005
dave said:
A lot of the groups in this recording sound like the groups from Jam-on-it found at Anyone else notice this?
Mon Oct 17 07:30:30 PDT 2005
Lulu said:
Great set!
Still, I wouldn't say "Great Fusion"... I would not call that "fusion".
Or maybe I would.
Still, great music!
Tue Oct 4 02:20:03 PDT 2005
richard said:
Hi, nice list - but it's 'Dark MAGUS'.
Fri Sep 2 07:12:42 PDT 2005
holik said:
for me this is one of those things id thought id never say: GREAT FUSION.

there i said it.

the aproach to music is the most important thing in my mind, the "jam",even though the majority was composed, comes through.
Fri Jul 22 14:33:19 PDT 2005
freeform said:
For me, it comes down to instrumentation, time signitures, beat patterns, and overall approach to the music.
Wed Jul 20 14:21:03 PDT 2005
David McCabe said:
So, definitionally, what exactly makes this rocky jazz and not rock?


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