Jazzatronic 2004 (77 minutes)
A set of personal "jazzatronic" favorites released in 2004. These tunes are the best examples from 2004 of the blend and fusion of jazz, beats, electronics, and modern production techniques.

artist song album
Skalpel theme from "behind the curtain" s/t
Lop:Nor eclipse 41*30'N 88*30'E
David Borsu a way of life Monster EP 12"
MoodyMann when she follows Black Mahogani II
Hird love again Moving On
Innocent Sorcerers gold Panorama (comp
Teddy Rok Seven askaa! Universal Four
DJ Cam & Tassel & Naturel world wide Fillet of Soul
Gerardo Frisina gica's dance Freedom Jazz Dance (comp)
This Information galaxy blues 12" single
Bruno E free tibet (part 1) Lovely Arthur
Goran Kajfes zagreb Headspin
Perry Hemus rhodesmode (freefall mix) Rhodesmode
Casbah 73 somebody Moods & Grooves
Hird moving on Moving On


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Thu Jun 28 00:57:19 PDT 2012
Thekza said:
I downloaded this mix about 5 years ago. i am only appreciating it now. Thank you so much for this mix!!! I love it!!!
Tue Mar 20 14:13:53 PDT 2012
wholesale men clothing said:
Really enjoyed this post.Really thank you! Awesome.
Tue Apr 26 17:29:29 PDT 2011
Emma said:
Sounds great to me
Wed Nov 7 10:52:22 PST 2007
anonymous said:
awesome. Particulalry the first track (that's as far as I've got). Sounds like the sax lines are played backwards at the end of the track? great.
Sat Jan 27 21:57:11 PST 2007
felix said:
you put so much effort into this. it's clear to see that you do it for the music.
you have opened my eyes to a lot of music i would have not otherwise had a chance to hear and i thank you for that. HUGE RESPECT to you for putting together such a fine podcast.
Sun Feb 5 03:37:36 PST 2006
Jazz Ghost said:
I've heard of your other "Bending Corners" like Cinematic Jazz Scenes which by far is my absolute favorite.

I heard on that mix a track by "Cowboy Bebop" which you've played from Yoko Ono who was the Writer/ Producer, behide the aonsomble.
Which the track that you featured was off the "Cowboy Bebop Album" called : The Remixes. I believe that track was made by DJ Vadim from Ninjatunes Records.

Anyway let me stop, and thank you for your efforts in Bringing nothing but the best in this mix.

Major,Major, Big-Up's

Wed Jan 25 07:16:25 PST 2006
maly_kazio said:
dobra robota
Thu Jan 19 10:38:37 PST 2006
anonymous said:
где музыка
Thu Aug 11 10:57:40 PDT 2005
Wojtex said:
ave Skalpel
Sun Jun 19 18:41:17 PDT 2005
Carlos said:
Wouw!! i just was looking for something of forms of plasticity...(that they played here in Guadalajar) but i just found this page, with this FREE MUSIC and with this lovely Nu-Jazz, and with your remixes... I'll do a party with my friends, i'll drink martinies and i'll make a toast for you. Thank You!!
Sat May 28 10:25:50 PDT 2005
Matt H. said:
This music is why regular radio is doomed. Your stuff is terrific! Quality sound, great vibes - thanks! One concern, though - is there a way to download individual tracks? Heck, I might be (gasp) willing to pay for this feature...
Thu May 5 17:11:16 PDT 2005
Carsten Eckelmann said:
I am playing this mix for the whole last month on my ipod and am totally delighted by this music which I otherwise wouldn't have any acces to. Thanks for opening a whole new world of music to me!
Wed May 4 03:37:56 PDT 2005
Runner said:
Brilliant stuff! Lots of interesting artists in the mix.
However, it's a bit tricky to figure out when the different songs are played (because of the smooth mixing;), what about adding the time when each song starts in the mix?
Wed Apr 27 22:49:28 PDT 2005
Rickio said:
Way cool..I found this site looking for a review for a Shawn Philipps album (spaced) I have and had no info on. Love this site and dig the vibes.

Tue Apr 26 10:47:23 PDT 2005
SneakPimps said:
Gosh! I can't believe it's free! Really cool chill out stuffs here! The mix is great! Thanks a million times!
Mon Apr 25 13:22:24 PDT 2005
ward said:
this mix is amazing - love the smooth sound - i need a drink and a cool bar - find me at the corner table scribbling in my notebook, watching the world pass
Sun Apr 24 11:57:44 PDT 2005
djbrather said:
Cool - pozdrawia Polska !!
Fri Apr 22 03:56:48 PDT 2005
bart- contactme@bart-merkelbach.com said:
Just entered the world of rss and podcasting !
Like your 'station'!
Would it be possible to get complete playlists in eg
I-tunes by adding xml-file with the download?


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