Nu Standards (65 minutes)
Keeping jazz alive for the young'ins, here is a batch of newer live instrumentation "21st Century Jazz" by some of the recent nu cats on the scene. Excuse the lame mixing, but do appreciate the selections.

artist song album
Povo Good & Bad We Are Povo
The Five Corners Quintet The Devil Kicks 12" single
Rough & Ready It's Just A Joke Panorama (comp)
Eli Guolart e Banda Do Mato Meu Samba On The Right Track (comp)
Nicola Conte Quiet Nights Re:Jazz (comp)
Hipnosis Black Forest Stomp Jazz
The Five Corners Quintet Trading Eights 12" single
Paolo Fedreghini e Marco Bianchi Oriental Smile Several People
John Beltran Heaven and Earth 12" single
Groove Collective Stargazer It's All In Your Mind
Jazztronik Siesta Inner Flight
Koop Soul For Sahib Waltz For Koop
Crate Soul Brother Flyin' Down To Rio Panorama (comp)


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Mon Sep 25 04:21:23 PDT 2006
Grate soul brother said:
Crate Soul Brothers are two hungarian jazz-heads, they are excellent djs and musicians, respect for them!
From budapest (fuck the PM & government)
Keep the Jazz Music!
Sat Aug 19 09:17:50 PDT 2006
jomz said:
pretty sweet stuff... i lost track of which song i'm at, what's the name of the one which opens with the little guitar riff, i think it's the only track with guitar? it's amazing.
Fri Mar 24 13:58:29 PST 2006
Tue Feb 7 09:54:30 PST 2006
Chel said:
Cool Set guys!

from Mexico
Thu Dec 15 06:33:16 PST 2005
dinko said:
breath-taking from the very first listening!

from croatia
Sat Nov 12 13:09:51 PST 2005
benedikt said:
absolute amazing. i really love this compilation.

from austria
Wed Oct 19 19:17:55 PDT 2005
artofficial said:
Ingenious. I memorized the order after just 2 listens. Anything from Waltz For Koop is always a highlight. Thank you.
Sun Sep 18 16:49:37 PDT 2005
MB said:
Cool stuff are just awesome...

From Melbourne Australia.
Mon Sep 12 22:05:03 PDT 2005
Armanitto said:
it's not just orgasm - it's the outer space! I love this music and I love this site!!! may the force be with you!

brother from Kazakhstan.
Sun Jul 24 23:20:09 PDT 2005
MissChievous said:
This mix rocks my socks!
Wed Jul 20 22:19:12 PDT 2005
OnTheOne said:
Very cool indeed - thanks!!
Mon Jul 18 14:06:32 PDT 2005
Jerome Morrow said:
You play some of the sickest tracks - I'm stoked! A soundtrack for any mood. Perhaps in the playlist you can link to the artist's sites?
Fri Jul 1 09:49:29 PDT 2005
Superpomme said:
wow - this is really cool
Wed Jun 29 13:07:59 PDT 2005
rick random said:
Very, very nice
Mon Jun 13 07:00:36 PDT 2005
brazil said:
Fri Jun 10 15:30:25 PDT 2005
Blue Rondo a la Turk said:
You've mixed this very professionally and I look forward to each new one. Easily some of the best jazz podcasts out there, hands down.
Sat Jun 4 13:05:25 PDT 2005
mxl said:
so cool - thanks


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