Oscillations (77 minutes)
A vibrating trip through the land of echoes, reverbs, dubs, and askew wobbles. Spanning genres of jazz, future jazz, out rock, dub, afro-beat, and downtempo grooves, these sounds are indeed bending.

artist song album time
Melvin Jackson Silver Cycles Funky Skull 0:00
Phil Ranelin Vibes From The Tribe (8-trk version) Vibes From The Tribe 2001 6:00
Innerzone Orchestra Basic Math Programmed 14:00
Herbie Hancock Kebero Part II Future 2 Future 20:00
UI The Sharpie 12" single 24:00
HIM Trace Elements Sworn Eyes 35:00
him l'esprit n'a pas d'maison interpetive belief system 38:00
Scientist One Man Dub Dub In The Roots Tradition 46:00
Twilight Dub Sound System Chirping Dub In Dub Vol. 1 48:00
Emperors New Clothes East On The West Road Wisdom And Lies 51:00
Femi Kuti Scatta Head (Zensile Dub Mix) Shoki Remixes 58:00
Psyco On Da Bus AfroPusherMan s/t 66:00
Peace Orchestra Uptight's Cold Weather Version Shining Repolished Versions 70:00


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Sun Nov 26 05:46:21 PST 2006
ChungKing said:
Sun Nov 12 09:25:33 PST 2006
chris_c said:
have just discovered yr wonderful site and am busy downloading these excellent mixes - definitely jazz in the style i like - eclectic, broad, exciting! didnt think i liked fusion, but fuzzadelic has made me rethink! it sounds to me like what fusion woiuld be about if you only had the george duke solo from fz's inca roads to go by! which is cool to me! thx again.
Tue Mar 28 17:53:01 PST 2006
BC said:
Fixed that Herbie typo.
Thanks for pointing it out.
Fri Mar 24 14:13:55 PST 2006
HERBIE said:
Thu Mar 23 02:54:35 PST 2006
liojohn said:
Very nice, one small correction, the Herbie Hancock tune is called Kebero Part II
Tue Nov 1 09:49:51 PST 2005
thebeathunters@free.fr said:
clever and soulful, i' ll take a chance with the warped one.
keep on bending!
Tue Oct 25 01:16:35 PDT 2005
Thierry said:
Great mix!
Mon Oct 24 07:54:40 PDT 2005
imi said:
This site is great!
I like these albums. These are make my nervs real jazzy. Usually i listen jazztronic 2003 and i'm just thinking about "is life good?" the answer always: Yes of course... thanx for this site
Sat Oct 22 05:38:48 PDT 2005
kali said:
Music is the way ...
Love is the answer...
Your music is love. . .
Mon Oct 17 19:54:46 PDT 2005
wreckless said:
i've loved desert moments, zz, nu standards, warm fronts (very good this one), jazzatronic 2004, modes and moods, cinematic jazz scenes, etc. bc is the best. but i remain undecided on this one (i should note i listen to this stuff while working/writing, so partial to instrumentals.
Mon Oct 17 17:29:53 PDT 2005
rufus said:
way kool


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