Scandiland (88 minutes)
Acknowledging the arrival of Winter, this set explores the jazz scene of Scandinavia, where the winters are cold, dark, and gloomy, yet the jazz is blinding white hot. From 1972 to 2005, from Finland to Norway and Sweden, we travel the many styles and genres of scandinavian jazz.

artist song album time
Eero Koivistoinen Music Society 7 Up Wahoo! 0:00
Olli Ahvenlahti Grandma's Rockingchair 12" single 5:00
Mike Koskinen 458 R.T. 12" single 11:00
Jukka Tolonen Aurora Borealis Silva The Cat EP 15:00
Jaga Jazzist Going Down A Livingroom Hush 23:00
Reunion Polish Lady In White re: 28:00
Joakim Lone Octet
(128K extended mix only)
Pace Tiger Sushi 32:00
Teddy Rok Seven Damn Straight Universal Four 38:00
Goran Kajfes Tremblin' Headspin 44:00
(128K extended mix only)
Dubelec Eight Domestic Challenges 48:00
Oddjob Their Song Koyo 52:00
Nacka Forum Almost Seedless Leve Nacka Forum 57:00
Jukka Eskola 1974 s/t 62:00
The Five Corners Quintet Three Corners Chasin The Jazz Gone By 69:00
Povo You Are We Are Povo 73:00
Koop Tonight Waltz For Koop 81:00
Buggie Wesseltoft
(128K extended mix only)
Arena Re:Jazz (comp) 83:00

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Thu Oct 5 12:12:30 PDT 2006
frAT said:
most of this is brand new to me.
i'm enjoying it very much.
i'm shopping for '5 corner quintet' today.
Sat Sep 2 12:21:50 PDT 2006
Kieron said:
A wicked mix. Learning alot and loving the music. Keep up the fantastic work people.
Wed Aug 16 14:53:31 PDT 2006
Milanga said:
IT'S JUST AWESOME!!!!!! Scandinavians can do everything right :)
Sat Apr 29 00:44:03 PDT 2006
Jazzamono said:
This is great music! Is this for vinyl?
I am Dj in Amsterdam with this jazzy-music.
Tue Mar 28 16:24:00 PST 2006
sayahoy said:
Ha! I like "BAKE THE ICE" better!
Fri Mar 24 14:06:15 PST 2006
Fri Mar 24 14:05:42 PST 2006
Fri Mar 10 12:34:25 PST 2006
moon said:
So great :!:
Sun Mar 5 06:20:02 PST 2006
holik said:
nice that scandinaviafinally seems to get some shine on the jazz front too. lots of good stuff has been going on for years, but the new generation seems to GET OUT!

and thatīs good.
Sun Feb 5 05:57:15 PST 2006
Anthony - Quincy Essential Music said:
Hello Beathunter[s]
I apologize .. it was obvious :)
will be more careful with comments in future.


Mon Jan 30 14:45:32 PST 2006
thebeathunters said:
well, anthony, your advice is very obvious but i guess giraffe and me expected more comprehension...
glad to see the new mix is back on time tracks!
Sun Jan 29 06:13:19 PST 2006
Anthony - Quincy Essential Music said:

I would like to respond to some of the comments here

Getting an ipod or something related could solve the problem of having longer mixes that don't fit on a regular cd.
Sun Jan 29 06:05:50 PST 2006
Anthony - Quincy Essential Music said:
What a trip !

All the tracks were mixed into a brilliant overview that reflects the high quality scandinavian jazz scene !

timeless and beautful..... thanks


Fri Jan 27 17:32:55 PST 2006
Jazzhead in Bangkok said:
Cool. Very "Jazzy" sounds.
Tue Jan 24 07:07:12 PST 2006
thebeathunters said:
too bad the long mix exceeds my old school 80' cd format...any chance to have a better kbps version?
Tue Jan 10 10:58:31 PST 2006
Laurent said:
Very impressive mix, i love it very much, many thanks to help me discover such good music :)
Mon Jan 9 23:49:04 PST 2006
Robert said:
Great mix! Scandinavian jazz is the shit. ;)
Sat Dec 24 08:41:40 PST 2005
David said:
Thanks for this mix, LOVE IT!!!
Fri Dec 23 13:55:40 PST 2005
giraffe said:
why is the mix so long, because i enjoy your music on cd in my car
Fri Dec 23 07:42:51 PST 2005
mr.smith said:
the sound of olli ahvenlahti is aaahhhh sooo fine

Thanks, Keep it up !!!
Sorry english is not my mother-tongue


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