Warm Fronts (69 minutes)
The sun is emerging from behind the clouds and the winds are blowing with warm air from the west. Celebrate the coming of spring with this mix of nu and classic emotive jazz. Plenty of flute, rhodes, and lite uplifting vibes!

artist song album
Arkestra One i really want you s/t
Jazztronik spur inner flight
Dom Um Romao family life s/t
Gabin la maison s/t
Soulstance life time paradisiac (comp)
Bobby Hughes Combination nhu beginn nhu golden era
Koop in a heartbeat waltz for koop
Fragment Orchestra sunlit s/t
Groove Collective you're stepping on my daisy it's all in your mind
Minus 8 bossanova feelin' minuit
2 Banks of 4 songs of beauty
Perry Hemus changes in 3/4 rhodesmode
Nicola Conte a time for spring other directions
Hird i love you my hope moving on
Soul Drummers let the sun cheyenne medicine man


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Sat Dec 30 05:57:40 PST 2006
Cenk Akyol said:
This is classy mate. Lounge music at it's best!Thanks
Tue May 16 01:11:00 PDT 2006
toytip said:
just found your sight to night great music thanks.
Sun Mar 26 11:04:34 PST 2006
diego said:
just discovered your sight today. listening to warm fronts now. great music, great vibes = a nice afternoon. thanks.
Mon Feb 13 21:00:22 PST 2006
wrecklessnewt said:
warm fronts and hangin on to summer still my favs. gabin a bit of a find. ta.
Wed Jan 18 15:09:32 PST 2006
bronson said:
Sat Dec 10 10:30:03 PST 2005
Tim said:
Really great! I listen to this nearly every day on my (1 hour) train ride into London. Sets me up for the day
Mon Nov 28 04:10:22 PST 2005
Kristian said:
OK, thsi time without the typing errors:

This podcast is a masterpiece!! The quality could be better, though, and I would love to have this track in CD-quality.

But keep up the good work...
Mon Nov 28 04:09:07 PST 2005
Kristian said:
This podcast is a masterpiece!! The quality could be better, and I would love to have this is CD-quality.

But keep up the good wotk...
Tue Jul 5 14:22:47 PDT 2005
Patrick Corcoran said:
ff, nice track selections. Moving it onto the ipod right now to take to Mexico with me on Friday.
Thu Jun 16 00:41:11 PDT 2005
Pascal said:
Nice selection.
It's going down very well over here.
Thanks :)
Mon Jun 13 04:57:38 PDT 2005
D.J.K. (a/k/a Zegas) said:
Absolutely my style!!
Wonderful idea 2 share so classy music w/ others unselfishly.
How can I help? (if any help needed!)

Wed Jun 8 19:17:31 PDT 2005
kevin - www.futureroots.com said:
just thought id mention, that i really liked this whole mix of tunes... the transitions could be a bit better, but the tracks are amazing... in fact, i was thinking along the way, that this was easily a set i could have pulled together. maybe we could collaborate?
Sun May 22 02:19:42 PDT 2005
Disco Stu said:
As always, a fantastic mix - keep up the good work :)
Thu May 12 16:41:55 PDT 2005
anonymous said:
the weather feels warmer already. :)
Thu May 5 17:57:58 PDT 2005
Carsten Eckelmann said:
Just a quick bugreport: your RSS feed points to the low quality version! Is this a bug or a feature I wonder...


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