WORD! (64 minutes)
We're bending a few corners with this mix: an exploration of poetry, scat, spoken word, cadence, and even rap in jazz-n-groove. From jazz scat and spoken word to reggae, afro-funk and early jazz rap in the 70's right on thru to the modern phusion of jazz, cadence, and electronics. Word to your mother!

artist song album time
Daniel Givens No Visible Color Age 0:00
Maulawi Street Rap Maulawi 6:00
Black Renaissance Magic Ritual Body, Mind & Spirit 12:00
Roy Ayers Black Family Lots of Love 17:00
Nuyorican Soul Roy's Scat Nuyorican Soul 26:00
Ella Fitzgerald How High The Moon Ella in Berlin 28:00
Ursula Rocker Circle (jazzanova mix) Jazzanova Remixes 33:00
Unsung Heroes & Ty Right Here in Front of You Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble (comp) 39:00
Co Real Artists What About You (in the world today) 12" single 44:00
Eugene McDaniels Supermarket Blues Headless Heros of The Apocalypse 47:00
I Roy Sidewalk Killer Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff 51:00
Charles Mingus Freedom -bonus track- 54:00
Cinematic Orchestra All Things To All Men Everyday 56:00


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Thu May 18 14:40:22 PDT 2006
moon said:
thx for sharing this !!
So great
Wed Oct 19 12:33:17 PDT 2005
hashbrown said:
i have a mix (and the bird said to the flower)from last year that is along the same lines as this mix..and actually have some of the same tunes as well.all vocal-based: lambert hendricks and ross,joni mitchell(mingus),co real artists,eugene mcdaniels,war,lenny williams,sun ra,dennis al capone,bobby mcferrin,al jerreau + more...keep up the great work, very inspiring!
Fri Sep 9 22:28:48 PDT 2005
BC said:
i got my vinyl copy of the Co-Real Artists single at http://www.dustygroove.com/.
"What about you" is great, but the instrumental "Bound by the blood" on the flip is even better!
Seek it out.
Fri Sep 9 09:17:25 PDT 2005
MrNil said:
this is just brilliant: nice selection and mix. I'm wondering if you know where I can find "Co Real Artists What About You (in the world today)" on CD (or an mp3 for sample only of course). Diggin' that track!
Sun Sep 4 13:15:44 PDT 2005
Anthony [QuincyEssential] said:
These are brilliant pieces of music !

I love them all ...great moods , atmospheric... heavy..selected with a lot of care and respect for the true musicians.

Thanks for sharing this with us !
You've put a lot of effort in here ..sometimes people don't always realize.

This is the place to be !


Tue Aug 23 14:55:24 PDT 2005
John Kline said:
Hey Chris - I am digging the word stuff. I think I recall that Branford Marsalis has done some neat crossover stuff with hip-hop, poetry, and other things.


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