Mr. Dynamite (70 minutes)
The soulfather's body may be gone, but his music remains with us forever. And so thankful (for his music) we are! Like so many others, here is BC's take on the "James Brown Tribute", with an attempt to spotlight some of his more "jazzy" numbers. These aren't the most popular or well-known of his tunes, but they definitely got the groove! Pappa's bag has popped. Peace to you, brutha. RIP.

song time
Blessed Blackness 0:35
The Payback 4:15
Get It Together 11:40
Make It Good To Yourself 20:25
I Got The Feeling 23:35
To My Brother 26:00
Shoot Your Shot 30:00
I Got A Bag Of My Own 38:05
Wine Spot 41:45
Doing It To Death 45:05
Hot (I Neeed To Be Loved) 55:00
Soul Power 59:55
Get Up Offa That Thing 64:05

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Sat Nov 3 09:56:15 PDT 2007
jamericanboy said:
Music music music at its best!!! Turned my 3rd-rate sound system into an audiophile theatre!
Tue Aug 28 22:54:22 PDT 2007
Older Than My Teeth said:
Fri Jul 6 14:14:20 PDT 2007
Jessie G said:
A fitting tribute. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform in Glasgow, Scotland towards the end and he still had the FUNK! Heaven will be a richer place now!!
Mon Feb 12 15:53:02 PST 2007
fusion lab said:
good set, but Mind Power is one of my faves :)
Tue Jan 23 07:32:10 PST 2007
podhead said:
Awesome! Loved it. Thanx for all your good work.
Sun Jan 21 13:13:09 PST 2007
Andree said:
WOW! Great funk music, as I like it. Hat off James!
Fri Jan 12 11:52:37 PST 2007
JazzDJ said:
nice one BC! respect!
Wed Jan 10 02:17:09 PST 2007
Click Joe, Czech Republic said:
Good Luck In SoulHeaven James!
Tue Jan 9 13:31:05 PST 2007
Funky Trev said:
Awesome. Would have loved In the Middle pts 1&2 as they are THE JB furious fusion funk cuts for me. Minor guys, quincy and the paris DJs are the only places on the web for true rare grooves. Peace.
Mon Jan 8 09:07:27 PST 2007
groovyl ou said:
this is a wonderful mix
Mon Jan 8 03:04:17 PST 2007
Andile, South Africa said:
Mon Jan 8 03:04:16 PST 2007
Andile, South Africa said:
Thu Jan 4 00:05:31 PST 2007
Klopwander said:
I appreciated the groove though didn't realise he had died until I went to obtain the higher quality audio file. Nice, balanced collection with the usual singer/band interaction.
Wed Jan 3 08:56:33 PST 2007
wrecklessnewt said:
shoot the shot, indeed. thanx, especially for that one long piece which shows him at work molding and shaping the song (and the band). strange that few of the eulogies/journalist comments didn't note how important he was to jazz (but your pieces show it). on the one. maceo, take us out of here, the man has got to leave.
Tue Jan 2 09:21:29 PST 2007
Shodz said:
Tue Jan 2 02:01:08 PST 2007
smiles davis said:
Rest in peace james!
Sun Dec 31 11:10:56 PST 2006
anonymous said:
God Bless the minghty J.B.!!!


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