Fission (73 minutes)
As a follow up to JazzDJ's Fusion set, BendingCorners brings you Fission, a showcase of grinding guitars and squelchy synths. Presented here in roughly chronological order we follow the progression of "fusion jazz" from beautiful guitars in the late 1960's, to fast and furious jamming in the early 70's, to heavy synth work in the mid/late 70's (capped on both ends by Miroslav Vitous).

artist song album time
Miroslav Vitous Mountain in The Coulds Infinite Search 0:35
Larry Coryell Spaces (Infinite) Spaces (1969) 2:20
Jean-Luc Ponty King Kong King Kong 8:00
The Mahavishnu Orchestra Vital Transformation The Inner Mounting Flame 12:35
Ian Carr Hector's House Belladonna 18:30
Larry Coryell Scotland I Offering 22:40
Chick Corea Captain Marvel Light as a Feather 27:10
Return to Forever After The Cosmic Rain Hymn of The Seventh Galaxy 31:50
Billy Cobham Spectrum Spectrum 40:00
Weather Report Non-Stop Home Sweetnighter 45:00
Les McCann The Dunbar High School Marching Band Layers 48:45
Marc Moulin Balek 1973 54:40
Joachim Kuhn Bed Stories Hip Elegy 58:55
Passport Homunculus Cross-Collateral 63:30
Miroslav Vitous Synthesizers Dance Magical Shepherd 69:00

The music presented here is provided for personal and educational use only. All rights of the artist, manufacturer, and owner of the recorded works are reserved. If you enjoy any of the music showcased here, please support the artists, and buy their music!

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Mon Jul 16 22:37:00 PDT 2007
Nathan Enriquez said:
The Miroslav Vitous "Synthesizers Dance" is bar-none one of the best cuts I've heard in some time. I had no idea that Herbie Hancock was part of that project. Thanks to your .mp3 download I just ordered the entire track on the full album entitled "Magical Shepherd". By the way I just went and saw Herbie play live in Reno and he still kicks ass! Thanks for the download I'm always looking for stuff like this. Keep it coming!
Thu Sep 7 16:35:43 PDT 2006
Steve said:
What about Jeff Beck!!! Given the description of the program, he's about as "grindy" as anyone from that scene. His stuff with Stanley Clarke!!! Oh yeah, him too. But I'm not complaining - LOVE these podcasts!!!
Wed Aug 23 15:56:05 PDT 2006 said:
Nice, nice. I love thrash, but this is good stuff. :)
Mon May 8 13:39:24 PDT 2006 said:
Ottima compilation, davvero buonissima musica... la mia preferita! Grazie
Sun Apr 23 11:59:39 PDT 2006
JazzDJ said:
Respect that man ;-) Nice session, listening to both sets back-to-back is a journey of pure fusion bliss!
Sun Apr 23 04:20:05 PDT 2006 said:
what if you had to make a compilation of all the compilations; i wonder which tracks you would include. I think it would be interesting to hear, especially if you manage to include some 30 tracks or more in that mix; just the key parts.

Wed Apr 5 07:01:00 PDT 2006
Jeff Siegel said:
Wow! A greatest hits of fusion if there ever was one! Thanks!
Tue Apr 4 01:42:53 PDT 2006 said:
this had to of been the best 73 minutes i've ever heard. what a great mix.

my band di afro, is linking your site on our main page...we have tons of jazz influences and thought it would be great to provide our listeners with more great music. thank you so much.


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