Fuzzadelic (83 minutes)
Another in BC's irregular series of heavy jazz-rock sets. This time we focus on fuzzed-out psychedelic sounds. Distorted guitars, modulated keys, and reverberated horns are all in the mix. Knob-twiddling for jazz heads.

artist song album time
William S. Fisher Green Forever Circles 0:35
The Lyman Woodward Organization Saturday Night Special Saturday Night Special 4:50
The New Dave Pike Set Baiafrock/Volker Salomao 11:45
Roy Ayers The Fuzz Ubiquity 15:00
Frank Zappa Eat That Question The Grand Wazoo 19:00
Blind Faith Do What You Like s/t 24:30
The Psycheground Group Tube The Psycho Mellow (comp) 28:40
Traffic The Low Spark of High-Helled Boys The Low Spark of High-Helled Boys 35:20
Kristian Schultze Set Ambivalens Recreation 39:00
Catalyst A Country Song Unity 43:55
Weldon Irvine Cosmic Vortex Cosmic Vortex 49:50
Miles Davis What If Panthalassa 58:30
CAN Splash Soon Over Babaluma 64:50
Michael Bundt The Brain of Oskar Panizza Nitrogen (comp) 72:10
Innerzone Orchestra Eruption Programmed 77:45

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Tue Dec 5 11:26:44 PST 2006
elly said:
thanks phor this!

heard a phew traks off of here
(love that panthalassa album so much) but everything else was a very plezzent suprise !

wheres the dub?
Tue Nov 21 08:13:02 PST 2006
j vasquez said:
really good set
how about some soft machine next time?
Wed Nov 15 14:58:34 PST 2006
T. Mulder said:
Absolutely wicked set. When hearing that track by CAN i immediatle bought that cd online.
Mon Nov 13 14:18:06 PST 2006
curiousL said:
it's 02:00 mmmmm and this is just perfect!
Fri Nov 10 12:40:08 PST 2006
wd45 said:
another totally killer set
Thu Nov 9 00:37:17 PST 2006
Hamet said:
I like this one.
These days I have the Bitches brew on rotation, the ghetto walk from In a silent way sessions,Grant green - fancy free live...
Thank you Sir!!!
Tue Nov 7 14:07:04 PST 2006
herr k. said:

i like mostly all of the compilations you made. often they were mentioned at totally fuzzy also.

i just listen to the last one - fuzzadelic - itīs very groovy, has a good mixture of artists and songs. keep on your great work!

herr k.


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