Luscious (66 minutes)
Sweet, succulent, and slightly seductive, this set explores the lush and lovely side of jazz-n-groove.

artist song album time
Lonnie Liston Smith Goddess of Love Reflections of a Golden Dream 0:40
McNeals & Niles Quiet Isle Thrust 4:45
Herbie Hancock Bubbles Man-Child 9:45
Michael Bluestein Tell Me a Bedtime Story Ambient Soul 18:00
Cam & Tassel & Naturel Ballad for Cam Fillet of Soul 23:00
Nicola Conte Aphrodite's Dream Other Directions 29:15
Herbert I Know Bodily Functions 33:30
Perry Hemus Orbiting The Sun Rhodesmode 37:35
As One Triumphant In with Their Arps, and Moogs, and Jazz Things 42:05
Nicola Conte Arabesque Vocal version Jet Sounds Revisited 47:45
Bebel Gilberto August Day Song Tanto Tempo 53:45
Troubleman Paz Time Out of Mind 57:50
4 Hero Universal Reprise Two Pages 61:30

The music presented here is provided for personal and educational use only. All rights of the artist, manufacturer, and owner of the recorded works are reserved. If you enjoy any of the music showcased here, please support the artists, and buy their music!

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Tue Jan 2 15:14:24 PST 2007
Rob Young said:
Fellas, this is my first encounter with your splendid music mixes and I simply love what you're doing! Do doubt, I'll come back to listen too a few more of your "Theme" based mixes, great concept by the way. Your effort is greatly appreciated with peace and blessings, Rob
Tue May 30 01:28:55 PDT 2006
Pakis said:
Jesus...never heard something like this before.
Keep up with this mixes guys...!
Tue May 30 01:17:58 PDT 2006
Pakis said:
Shocking playlist. Just Great...!
Fri May 5 14:04:52 PDT 2006
Slinky said:
Three words: you f-ng rule.
Fri Mar 31 12:19:34 PST 2006
Thierry said:
The greatest podcast so far? I really enjoy it...
Thu Mar 23 00:09:59 PST 2006
STéf said:
One of the first podcast I listen to (lucky me)...
Excellent selection.
I must listen to (all) the previous months as soon as possible !
Wed Mar 22 06:11:54 PST 2006
djjjimmy said:
very nice again !! i was a little bit sceptical at the first 2-3 times i listened this . but the more you listen it , the more it gets to you . the atmosphere gets better and better as we are approaching the end . thanks again !
Mon Mar 6 14:59:50 PST 2006
f'eD said:
Da, konechno,, oh yeah!!!!
Sun Mar 5 06:43:08 PST 2006
r s said:
Mon Feb 27 11:24:01 PST 2006
Anthony -QEM said:
great atmosphere !! ... loved the intro of North Beach !!

one of my favourites

thanks again


Mon Feb 27 06:22:18 PST 2006
David "JazzDJ" Dawson said:
Mmmmm! One of my favourites so far + love the new sound bite (ident)!!! More please ;-)
Mon Feb 27 01:50:55 PST 2006
mindwhack said:
I love Herbie Hancock "Bubbles" - thanks for including it in the mix!! Nice!! :)
Sun Feb 26 03:22:54 PST 2006
Dials Mavis said:
Excellent as always. Thanks a lot!
Sat Feb 25 22:24:13 PST 2006
BendingCorners said:
Apologies for some of the sloppy transitions. BC was a bit inebriated and caught up in the rapture this time around. But ain't that kinda fitting, given the nature of the material. :)


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