Medium Rare (72 minutes)
This is BendingCorners' take on the well worn path of "rare groove". The set starts with the traditional "rare" sound and moves thru more contemporary and progressive grooves and ends somewhat abstract.

artist song album time
Les McCann & Eddie Harris Cold Duck Time Swiss Movement 0:35
Jimmy McGriff Tight Times Electric Funk 6:10
John Patton B & J (Two Sisters) Boogaloo 9:50
Fats Theus Bed of Nails BlackOut 16:50
Stanley Turrentine Sunshine Alley Sugar 22:45
John Scofield Hottentot A Go Go 33:25
MMW The Lover Friday Afternoon in the Universe 40:00
The Philadelphia Experiment Call For All Demons self-titled 46:25
DJ Logic J.J Bailey Project Logic 51:10
Ripple Groove Sweet Relief Under The Microscope 55:15
Garage a Trois Bwami Mysteryfunk 62:10

The music presented here is provided for personal and educational use only. All rights of the artist, manufacturer, and owner of the recorded works are reserved. If you enjoy any of the music showcased here, please support the artists, and buy their music!

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Fri Feb 15 12:34:12 PST 2008
Jazu Dieski said:
I recall reading some where that you are not a big fan of vocals. However Les McCann TORE IT UP with his far, far left and socially conscious, soul-food-of-the-mind type, ham hock and greens with hog maus and corn bread style vocals. In my family, he is a HERO.

Great selection!
Sat Apr 7 16:56:16 PDT 2007
SuwanneeJoe said:
Yes, this is a groovin', funky playlist. Thanks! I found your site by searching for Garage A Trois' Mystery Funk. It is only available on vinyl (I no longer own a record player!) and I've been searching for peices from this album. Thanks for including Bwami in this show! Maybe the other tracks from this album will eventually find their way into your podcast?

And you turned me on to Stanley Turrentine and Jimmt McGriff, further expanding my musical horizons. Thank you!
Mon Dec 18 08:39:12 PST 2006
mwrivs said:
Head-nodding listening already. We anticipate that MMW will up the raunch. (They do). Then the next three tracks. Knock me out. Stupendous, sublime funk. Can hardly keep my mind on my work. Thanks so much!
Thu Jun 22 08:39:11 PDT 2006
Sina said:
I'm so glad that i found this website accidently!!!
Wed Jun 21 12:42:21 PDT 2006
f'eD said:
yep, it is a good'un!!
Mon Jun 12 11:42:10 PDT 2006
bev willis said:
garage a trois.....bliss!
Thu Jun 8 03:38:33 PDT 2006
longtimelistener said:
you know what´s up,who gets down and you yourself get around.
thanks a bunch, once again.
Tue Jun 6 14:08:30 PDT 2006
Martha said:
Count me as a Bending Corners addict! I'm VERY glad I found your website.
Tue Jun 6 13:04:16 PDT 2006
brian said:
Holy crap...I love this show! Each show on Bending Corners is right guys know what's up!
Keep it up.
Fri Jun 2 23:28:14 PDT 2006
[Ghost Jazz] said:
Abstract Mix for a "Abstractive Mystic" such as myself.

Angle's Without Edges my friend........

Angles Without Edeges.



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