Soul Jazz (70 minutes)
Not so much "soul-jazz" per say, as more jazz with soul, or rather the soul of jazz. Unifying and uplifting, its an instrumental excursion of groove(food) for your soul.

artist song album time
Clifford Jordan Eddie Harris Strat-East (comp) 0:35
Bernard Purdie Modern Jive Soul Drums 4:40
Dizzy Gillespie Stomped and Wasted Soul & Salvation 7:00
S.O.U.L Memphis Underground What It Is 11:25
O'Donel Levy Bad Bad Simba Simba 14:30
Weldon Irvine Turkish Bath Strata-2-East (comp) 21:10
Walter Bishop jr. Soul Village The Best of Black Jazz (comp) 27:45
Idris Muhammad Piece of Mind Power of Soul 33:25
Donald Byrd Love's So Far Away BlackByrd 41:30
Johnny Hammond Gambler's Life Gambler's Life 47:15
Manzel Midnight Theme Midnight Theme 51:55
Cam & Tassel & Naturel Smile Fillet of Soul 55:10
LTJ Bukem Journey Inwards Journey Inwards 60:05
The Detroit Experiement Midnight at The Twenty Grand self-titled 65:20

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Mon Apr 27 23:51:46 PDT 2009
wow soul gold said:
That's about it.
Wed Feb 11 03:50:12 PST 2009
sidney falco said:
Searhing for a copy of "Soul&Salvation" by Dizzy, I came across your site. The SOUL-JAZZ mix is excellent. Now all I need is a month off to listen to all the others.I'm subscribing right away, and hope you keep up the good work!
Tue Aug 21 18:05:30 PDT 2007
Pete Missingham - New Zealand said:
More sensational work. What a cracker. Has inspired me to dig these records out of my collection and play them on my show tonight! Not in the same order, of course. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery ;-)
Fri Feb 9 07:41:43 PST 2007
An said:
One of those where you think what youve dont until you come across it. Great selection. That goes for most of the other stuff on there too. THANKS
Thu Aug 24 01:47:08 PDT 2006
alanmck said:
a playlist that suggests you've been stealing my records. great stuff.
Fri Aug 4 08:25:47 PDT 2006
solotoo said:
Fri Aug 4 04:36:26 PDT 2006
sampedro said:
Sorry my fault, I canīt count...
Tue Aug 1 04:21:14 PDT 2006
sampedro said:
Hmm, is there any mistake in the playlist?
I count 15 songs, but there are listed 14?
Tue Aug 1 02:23:23 PDT 2006
sampedro said:
A+, this show is kewl.

More like that.

Listenig for me is not interrupted.

Keep your ears clean,
greetz from germany
Sat Jul 29 06:14:19 PDT 2006 said:
great website,astonishingly superb selections of music,you certainly have
the magic touch,one technical hitch
though,since this months cast(soul&salvation)listening is continously interrupted (buffering)
download only available at 8kbs speed,
hope this can be resolved,one other question are your brothers at kozmigroove still active,
peace be with you,steve from london.


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