Sundance (72 minutes)
A celebration of summer thats all over the musical map. There is a little something for everyone in this mix. From classic to modern with elements of jazz, soul, spirit, disco, house, latin, bossa, nu, and downtempo, these grooves all have an uplifting summertime vibe.

artist song album time
Kool and The Gang Somberero Sam Live at PJ's 0:35
Pharoah Sanders Sun Song Shukuru 5:00
Lonnie Liston Smith Visions of a New World Visions of a New World 8:45
The Blackbyrds A Hot Day Today The Blackbyrds 12:15
Donald Byrd Miss Kane Street Lady 15:00
Loqate Miracles (recloose remix) Love From The Sun (comp) 21:00
A Bossa Electrica Tombo in 7/4 On The Right Track (comp) 24:50
Nicola Conte Kind of Sunshine Other Directions 31:00
Dalindeo Solfer Lento Freedom Jazz Dance II (comp) 36:00
Tab Two Belle Affaire (truby trio remix) Glucklick III (comp) 41:30
St. Ernesto Easy In Bossa Tres Jazz (comp) 46:30
Quorum Espacio The New Latinaires 3 (comp) 49:25
Jazztronik Son of Bebe Jazz Bizniz 2 (comp) 54:40
Paolo Fedreghini and Macro Bianchi Another Face Several Additional Waves 60:35
Longineu Parson Funkin' Around (amalgamation of sounds remix) 12" single 67:00

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Sat Jan 13 10:00:24 PST 2007
Neal said:
This one totally blows my mind, thank you for sharing some sounds I've never heard before! What can I say? I'm totally floored!!
Wed Dec 6 08:36:28 PST 2006
lockpicker said:
Just played this at the start of december, man did it lift my spirits. An excellent chilled set of tunes. Cheers.
Tue Sep 19 07:05:40 PDT 2006
JazzDJ said:
Thank you ;-) Just listened again and thank you...
Mon Jul 31 22:14:50 PDT 2006
AncientK said:
Love Recloose
Esp love Truby Trio
Here's to more dancey electronic jazzy tunes like the above
Thu Jul 20 21:11:17 PDT 2006
no cheese said:
Well, except for that cheese-ball Blackbyrds song, this yet another quality set. Many thanks. Though, i do kinda understand where "djjjimmy" is coming from, as the theme this month seemed a little weak. But still very enjoyable none the less.
Wed Jul 19 09:37:10 PDT 2006
norelpref said:
Love this site and love the music. The eclecticism of the mixes is just great. Keep groove going.
Sun Jul 9 14:09:08 PDT 2006
Frenchy said:
Great music!
Keep it coming!!
Many thanks.
Sun Jul 9 06:25:46 PDT 2006
willi s said:
NO NO NO take no notice...I like the way you keep evolving...every one is different and yet substantial...keep it coming and congratulations on your superb work...end of!
Fri Jul 7 10:15:45 PDT 2006
roughsax said:
I will agree with djjjimmy on this mix. While it does have it's moments, it doesn't grab me overall like some of your previous ones. However, I will disagree on the previous two or three. I really dug "Medium Rare". Thanks and keep 'em coming.
Thu Jul 6 06:50:24 PDT 2006
stony said:
Thu Jul 6 01:38:01 PDT 2006
djjjimmy said:
i think you are losing your edge . the last 2 or 3 mixes don't cut it . don't missunderstand me , i'm your greatest fun
Mon Jul 3 09:06:44 PDT 2006
JazzDJ said:
Thank you ;-)


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