Jazzatronic 2006 (70 minutes)
April has become the month for BendingCorner's annual feature of the standout "jazzatronic" tunes from the past year. Like previous years, this set showcases BC's favorite examples of the continual use and merging of electronics, jazz instrumentation, and modern production techniques. New for this year, though, is the inclusion of 5 listener-created submissions! Yes folks, if you submit your music to BC (and we like it), we'll play it.

artist song album time
Wise In Time Jah Walker The Ballad of Den The Men 0:35
Dimitris Diavatis Look What I Found While Cleaning Black & White 4:30
Cordovan Highway 10 Blues Highway 10 Blues 7:30
Tah Rei Faces of War Deep Light 11:55
Done Been Down gettin' to it 16:25
Osunlade Circles Aquarian Moon 19:30
The Piscean Group Motorcross s/t 23:00
Alif Tree Enough French Cuisine 27:00
Loka Safe Self Tester Fire Shepherds 31:00
Bonobo The Fever Days to Come 38:30
Big Bang Spiral Waltz Way In Jazz 42:05
Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi You Are a Star Several Additional Waves 49:05
David Borsu Mama Nature Insight 55:45
Nostalgia 77 Octet Question Borderlands 58:35
The Liquid Crystal Project A Tribute to Troy s/t 65:20

The music presented here is provided for personal and educational use only. All rights of the artist, manufacturer, and owner of the recorded works are reserved. If you enjoy any of the music showcased here, please support the artists, and buy their music!

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Thu Jul 31 07:12:06 PDT 2008
uli said:
this mix is truly AWESOME! one of the best yet.
Tue Oct 30 15:43:23 PDT 2007
Phos_E said:
_very warm place here!_great music!_
Fri Jun 1 15:07:00 PDT 2007
JazzDJ said:
ps. very soon gonna try my hand at a session dedicated to you BC, kosmic!!!
Fri Jun 1 15:05:06 PDT 2007
JazzDJ said:
Hey BC, just checking in... luvin' the corners as always ;-) Hope your summer is good so far...
Wed May 16 11:43:57 PDT 2007
zero said:
Hi to all...good things your compilation...only one mistake... is Paolo and not Paola Fedreghini (track 12)...ciao e grazie from Itaky
Wed May 2 08:30:40 PDT 2007
daz said:
Staggeringly good. Definately going to check out the artists.
Thanks as always.
Thu Apr 19 05:12:12 PDT 2007
djjjimmy said:
It's my (our) turn to say thanks ! ;-) Very good idea to include artists who are listeners in the podcast. It's a source of inspiration and further motivation for us.
I only heard the mix twice or so, and will come back with some more comments. Loved the track "highway 10 blues", nice ..


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