Trigonometry (80 minutes)
Music fit for winter weather, this set explores the systemic, angular, and calculating side of jazz-n-groove; prefect for those long, dark, and frigid winter nights gazing up at the crystal clear sparkling stars.

artist song album time
Bugge Wesseltoft Arena Re:Jazz_Re:Mix (comp) 00:35
Skalpel Deep Breath Konfusion 05:20
Loka Airfling Fire Shepherds 09:35
Ian Simmonds Blues From V.C. Return to X 16:00
Super Numeri The Spies of St. Ives The Welcome Table 24:00
Herbie Hancock Nobu Jazz Satellites (comp) 34:00
Miles Davis He Loved Him Madly Panthalassa 40:10
Eivind Aarset Electronique Noire Dark Moisture 48:50
tied & tickled trio utrom EA1 EA2 55:45
Cujo Paris Streatham Adventures in Foam 55:55
Photek KJZ The Hidden Camera 65:30
Tortoise/Spring Heel Jack Galapagos 12" single 72:25

The music presented here is provided for personal and educational use only. All rights of the artist, manufacturer, and owner of the recorded works are reserved. If you enjoy any of the music showcased here, please support the artists, and buy their music!

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Fri Apr 6 15:14:22 PDT 2007
KEv said:
I am very happy to have found Bendingcorners. I love the nu jazz stuff and the mixes posted here are top. Many thanks for existing.
Mon Mar 5 10:43:31 PST 2007
anonymous said:
Tortoise/Spring Heel Jack!


And to think of it.......I thought it was [4 Hero] or Square Pusher or Photek or even Source Direct. But that "KJZ" came before that Calapagose track.

Today you've taught me something!!!

Imma go peep these cats out for that [Artic Ice Cold] Chill Effect Dn'B track.

Thanks again!!!! :-)
Mon Mar 5 10:36:37 PST 2007
[Ghost Jazz] said:
It's been a while since I last posted here... I just wanted to say that - this mix is probably the best i've heard yet from you. So MAD MAD BIG-UPS AND THROW UPS (salute!).

I knew some of the tracks that you played in this mix.

Question ? :

Hey where did you get that strange Amon Tobin mix from his old album.You know the song "Paris Stream" from the (Adventures In Foam) album he did? That mix was quite unusual because it didn't sound quite the same as the original song from the album that he had made. When he used the name "Cujo" from the Stephin King flick.

I know....I have the album and i'm 100% hard music fan of Amon's work and crations. He's really quite the Dn'B/Underground Hip Producer trackmaker.

But most people consider him a "Electronica" artist. Which IS NOT TRUE!!!


I'm guessing that last track is 4 Hero or maybe Square Pusher, it has this chill effect "Drum n'Bass' atmosphereic effect.

Nice ending........Keep it Up B.C.


Tue Feb 20 22:21:29 PST 2007
v.l. said:
Sounds great! It would be helpful if the link to appropriate web page listing the podcast's content were in the file's id3 tag
Sat Feb 17 10:21:35 PST 2007
Click Joe, Czech Republic said:
great! great! GREAT!!
Wed Feb 14 21:43:39 PST 2007
IDaaron said:
My new favorite one! I try to tell everyone about your mixes, there amazing! Thanks again!!!
Thu Feb 8 19:10:11 PST 2007
JimmyJames said:
Mate, I have to say, your taste is impeccable... huge fan of your mixes, just the soundtrack for bleak Boston bus rides.
You make me pine for lazy SF afternoon treasure hunts in Amoeba... thanks again!
Thu Feb 1 23:48:44 PST 2007
mcboy said:
killer session..thanks!!
Tue Jan 23 14:22:28 PST 2007
Flexiporn said:
Yet another great mix!
Wed Jan 17 08:03:28 PST 2007
Glssghst2001 said:
Hey! just wanted to say that this month's cast is pimp. Thanks for the sounds. I love the way the casts mix up old and new artists alike, it makes for a fresh listen. Oh yes and the Technics 1200 is quite badass on your list of gear. Is that vintage or an MK II? That is all I guess.
Wed Jan 17 06:46:13 PST 2007
djjjimmy said:
thanks alot , with pleasure !
i hope you got my email..
Tue Jan 16 20:41:49 PST 2007
BC said:
you are one of our more discerning (and contributing) listeners, and its always a pleasure to be able to please.
Many thanks for your comments and continued support.
Tue Jan 16 10:04:47 PST 2007
djjjimmy said:
great mix again !! :-) i'm boring i know
great idea throwing panthalassa in , and the end was dramatic ; the drum n bass stuff
why not mix some more bill laswell next ? i'll send my stuff as demos soon . happy new year !


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