Bending Dubs (71 minutes)
Another set inspired by luminary labels. This time around we explore the dub side of the groove, as pioneered by Channel One and Studio One. Spanning 4 decades of jazzy-dub, the set starts off in a traditional 70's style dub and gets more progressive with each selection. Smoke out and dub down.

  1. Sound Dimension - Baby Face
    (from: "Jamaica Soul Shake" - 1969)
  2. The Revolutionaries - Kissinger
    (from: "Earthquake Dub" - 1975)
  3. Channel One Studio Band - King Of The Minstrels
    (from: "Maxfield Avenue Breakdown" - 1976)
  4. Horace Andy - Dunkirk
    (from: "Drum Sound" - 1977)
  5. Channel One Studio Band - Counter Attack
    (from: "Maxfield Avenue Breakdown" - 1979)
  6. The Revolutionaries - Catonine Version
    (from: "Drum Sound" - 1980)
  7. Cornell Campbell and The Eternals - Queen of The Minsrels
    (from: "Nice Up The Dance" - 1970s)
  8. Keith Hudson - Michael Talbot Affair
    (from: "Pick A Dub" - 1974)
  9. The Lions - Jungle Struttin'
    (from: "Jungle Struttin" - 2008)
  10. Antibalas - Hilo
    (from: "Security" - 2007)
  11. Laika - Widow's Weed
    (from: "Good Looking Blues" - 2000)
  12. Lee Perry & Mad Professor - Mad Man Dubwise
    (from: "Good Looking Blues" - 1980s)
  13. DJ Spooky - East of The River Nile Remix
    (from: "Creation Rebel" - 2007)
  14. The Rootsman - Wadada Sema Mix
    (from: "Macro Dub Infection" - 1995)
  15. Tosca - Annanas g-corpration dub
    (from: "Suzuki in dub" - 1999)
  16. Kruder Dorfmeister - Bomb The Bass Bug Powder Dust Dub
    (from: "K & D Sessions" - 1998)
  17. Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon version galore
    (from: "99%" - 1989)

The music presented here is provided for personal and educational use only. All rights of the artist, manufacturer, and owner of the recorded works are reserved. If you enjoy any of the music showcased here, please support the artists, and buy their music!

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Tue Apr 22 03:59:48 PDT 2008
t r i c k said:
Wed Apr 2 10:42:09 PDT 2008
the satta sound scientist said:
Absolute Quality...Jazz and Dub...Very Very Nice...No need for any of that beat mixing shit when the tunes are this good!!!
Mon Mar 17 10:59:21 PDT 2008
wildeggs said:
loved it
Tue Mar 4 08:38:54 PST 2008
Milesde said:
Excellent session, like all the compilations of this web. Thank you from Spain!
Sun Mar 2 20:26:44 PST 2008
BC said:
Good comment "anonymous".
So true you are though.
Sun Mar 2 03:02:10 PST 2008
anonymous said:
"dub" and "rushed to" do not mix
Sat Mar 1 08:46:39 PST 2008
BC said:
Well,, once again the mixing ain't so hot as the tracks are just kinda slapped together end-to-end. We spent too much time going thru the BC collection and picking out the perfect selections that we were rushed to get the set out by month's end. So try and ignore the "mixing" and just enjoy the dubs!!


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