Aries Rising (56 minutes)
Heading into spring with set of adventurous and dynamic tunes. Expressive and full of energy, but not over done.

  1. Randy Weston - Marrakesh Blues
    (from: "Blue Moses")
  2. Eero Koivistoinen - Folk Song
    (from: "For Children")
  3. Natural Food - Granny on The Gramophone
    (from: "s/t")
  4. Volker Kriegel - Strings Revisited
    (from: "Spectrum")
  5. Charly Antolini - A Happy Afternoon
    (from: "Power Drummer")
  6. Roy Ayres - Sketches in Red, Yellow, Brown, Black, and White
    (from: "Live at Montreux")
  7. John Klemmer - Let Me Touch The Wind
    (from: "Constant Throb")
  8. Larry Willis - Inner Crisis
    (from: "Inner Crisis")
  9. Harold Alexander - Quick City
    (from: "Sunshine Man")
  10. Roy Haynes - Senyah
    (from: "Senyah")

The music presented here is provided for personal and educational use only. All rights of the artist, manufacturer, and owner of the recorded works are reserved. If you enjoy any of the music showcased here, please support the artists, and buy their music!

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Sun Jan 10 08:58:30 PST 2010
heirsign said:
Nice tunes by some of the artists, but why not make it easier for us to "support the artists, and buy their music!" by designating the selection times for reference so that when we hear something worthy of purchase we'll know who it's by w/o having to 'reasonably deduce' it? Thanks-
Wed Oct 14 02:55:03 PDT 2009
kaileygils said:
suggests 2008 north controls criticized
Mon May 4 03:43:24 PDT 2009
wonderik said:
Your compilations are cool, keep on casting, thanx
Sun Apr 19 22:36:57 PDT 2009
r gould-saltman said:
Anyone have any of Klemmer's fusion stuff from before he went all New-Agey? He had 2-3 albums on Chess/Cadet-Concept at about the time he was sitting in with the Don Ellis Orchestra, included his upper-register freak-bag solo piece "Excursion 2",(which he re-used with Ellis on the "Live at The Filmore" album) Hendrix's "3rd Stone" etc.
Tue Apr 14 14:11:50 PDT 2009
Tc said:
Solid selection. Keep them coming. Thanks
Wed Apr 8 01:38:49 PDT 2009
chris_c said:
thx as ever!
Wed Apr 1 05:03:43 PDT 2009
GmC said:
sweet mix, esp roy doing real stuff
Tue Mar 31 06:48:17 PDT 2009
BC said:
Besides the near train wreck mixing Larry Willis into John Klemmer (doh), this is a decent set. Well, atleast the selections are good. Can't go wrong with good source material. :)


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