Brasstastic (64 minutes)
Its a new decade which means its time to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than with a bunch of blaring horns! This is BendingCorners homage to jazz band brass sections. Brass is fantastic!

  1. The JBs - Wine Spot
    (from: "Food For Thought")
  2. Kool and The Gang - The Penguin
    (from: "Live at PJs")
  3. Salsoul Orchestra - Getaway
    (from: "Magic Journey")
  4. Candido - Candido's Funk
    (from: "Pulp Fusion: Evolution") [comp]
  5. Ice - Quick
    (from: "AfroJazzFunk 2") [comp]
  6. Ice - M.F Grayson
    (from: "AfroJazzFunk") [comp]
  7. Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Heels and Soles
    (from: "Darkest Light")
  8. Randy Weston - Iframe
    (from: "Blue Moses")
  9. Kenny Clark-Francy Boland Big Band - AstroRama
    (from: "Off Limits")
  10. Charly Antolini - Handicraft
    (from: "Power Drummer")
  11. Hampton Hawes - Web
    (from: "Northern Windows")
  12. Nostalgia 77 Octet - Journey Home
    (from: "Weapons of Jazz Destrution")
  13. Matthew Herbert Big Band - The Battle
    (from: "Goodbye Swingtime")
  14. Budos Band - Budos Rising
    (from: "II")

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Sun Feb 28 21:22:46 PST 2010
Jonathan M said:
Sickness!! love this playlist! full of goodies! keep'em coming!!

Mon Feb 1 10:15:35 PST 2010
BC said:
As with most BC sets, this one starts with the more classic and "traditional" of the genre and progresses toward more modern and "bent" sounds.


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