Crossfire (62 minutes)
A bit of fire and a bit of ice come together in this potpourri of 70s jazz groove.

  1. San Francisco Express - Fire and Rain
    (from: Getting It Together)
  2. Charlie Mariano - Glenford Crescent
    (from: Reflections)
  3. Cabildos - Crossfire
    (from: Crossfire)
  4. Natural Essence - Little Dahoud's Dance
    (from: In Search of Happiness)
  5. Nat Adderly - 59 Go and Pass
    (from: Double Exposure)
  6. Stanley Turrentine - Gibraltar
    (from: Salt Song)
  7. Don Ellis - Rock Odyssey
    (from: At Fillmore)
  8. Rolf Kuhn - Sultans of Jazz
    (from: Cuco Ear)
  9. Volker Kriegel - Zoom
    (from: Spectrum)
  10. Jeff Beck - You Know What I Mean
    (from: Blow By Blow)
  11. Emphasis - Rainmaker
    (from: s/t)

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Sun Sep 26 20:48:52 PDT 2010
venkatesan said:
Fri Sep 24 19:56:47 PDT 2010
cuz said:
could you please include a times column in your track list so I can tell where the transitions really are? thanks so much for the high quality cast.
Wed Sep 1 16:51:23 PDT 2010
BC said:
A bit of a hodge-podge with this set, but some really juicy tunes in there.


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