Pisces Escapes (62 minutes)
Easy going, but never soft, this is an emotive set of cosmic jazz grooves to escape into a world of pleasant dreams.

  1. Miroslav Vitous - Streams and Fields
    (from: "Majesty Music")
  2. Weather Report - The Juggler
    (from: "Heavy Weather")
  3. Marcio Montarroyos - Samba Soltice
    (from: "Carioca")
  4. Natural Essence - Variation On Last Night
    (from: "In Search of Happiness")
  5. Yusef Lateef - Back Home
    (from: "The Blue Yusef Lateef")
  6. Frank Foster - Beautiful People
    (from: "The Loud Majority")
  7. George Cables - Think of Me
    (from: "Why Note?")
  8. Dan Mindrila - Sonet
    (from: "Alter Ego")
  9. Paltido Alta - n/a
    (from: "Mitsu The Beats - One More Roses") [comp]
  10. Cymande - Rickshaw
    (from: "s/t")
  11. Dorothy Ashby - The Moving Finger
    (from: "The Rubaiyant of Dorothy Ashby")
  12. Roy Ayers - I Am Your Mind
    (from: "Virgo Red")

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Fri Mar 26 00:22:22 PDT 2010
Andy said:
Hi Guys,Track 9 is definitely Partido Alto from the Azymuth album Light As A Feather.It's a cracking set thanks.
Thu Mar 25 22:07:10 PDT 2010
Andy said:
Nice one,looking forward to hearing this set.Thanks
Tue Mar 16 21:20:54 PDT 2010
BC said:
Thats what i thought too. But i checked the listing on the disc multiple times, and even searched the interwebs, but the title of the track really is "Paltido Alta". Maybe it was a typo at time of pressing?
Fri Mar 12 14:27:49 PST 2010
pechelingue said:
Wonderful, superb, as always. Thanks a lot, Mr. BC.

(Only I'd imagine track 9's real spelling surely is 'Partido Alto', after the famous samba beat, of Chico Buarque's fame? Sorry 'bout the nitpicking, I just let my Brazilianness zealously get the better of me!)
Thu Mar 4 17:09:52 PST 2010
BC said:
Yes, the Roy Ayers tune is in the original file.
Maybe your download didn't get the whole cast?
Try grabbing the file again, cause "I Am Your Mind" is definitely worth it! Its trippy.
Wed Mar 3 22:09:59 PST 2010
yuletech said:
Is the last track 'Roy Ayers - I am your mind' on here?
Wed Mar 3 00:16:04 PST 2010
BC said:
We really enjoyed putting this set together, and due to some appropriate (for the material) mind altering during the actual recording, we almost missed a few transitions. :)
Those first 4 tunes really set the mood well. Expect to hear more Natural Essence from BC in the future.


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