Nova Spirit Rhythm (45 minutes)
BendingCorners' tribute to the avant-garde jazz drummer Steve Reid who passed away last month.

  1. Lions of June
    (from: "Nova")
  2. Kai
    (from: "Rhythmatism")
  3. Long Time Black
    (from: "Nova")
  4. Lugano
    (from: "Spirit Walk")
  5. Don't Look Back
    (from: "Daxaar")
  6. Which One?
    (from: "Spirit Walk")

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Wed Jun 23 08:20:23 PDT 2010

nice blog! my name is fabian, i work for ANALOGSOUL, a german network for fantastic music and i would love to send you some music. maybe you are interested. for that i need some contact info. maybe you can send me a short mail to: kontakt (at) analogsoul (dot) de

thanks in advance.
Thu May 27 13:22:35 PDT 2010
BC said:
Three tunes from his early material as a leader, and three from his later material with Kieran Hebden. All great stuff.

Other Steve Reid tributes include:
Kieran Hebden and Steve playing live (video)
Gilles Peterson with Kieran Hebden (podcast)


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