A set of stretched out guitar grooves with funky riffs, heavy drums, and fuzzed electronics. Bumping right along.
58 minutes | download-n-play
  1. Clavin Keys - B.K.
    (from: Shawn-Neeq | 1971)
  2. George Freeman - Franticdiagnosis
    (from: Franticdiagnosis | 1972)
  3. Don "Sugar Cane" Harris - Song For My Father
    (from: Got The Blues | 1973)
  4. Bill Cosby - Hybish Shybish
    (from: Badfoot Brown and The Bunions Bradford Funeral & Marching Band | 1971)

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Thu Apr 7 04:38:06 PDT 2011
go said:
thanks for the Clavin Keys plug. Didn't know him and I'm blowed up!