More Hornin' 'Round
More Hornin' 'Round
Its horn time yet again at BendingCorners. We weren't originally planning on making a third "hornin" set, but here it is none the less. BC loves them horns.
62 minutes | download-n-play
  1. Miles Davis - Petits Machins
    (from: Filles De Kilimanjaro | 1968)
  2. Feddie Hubbard - The Intrepid Fox
    (from: Red Clay | 1970)
  3. Andrew Hill - Diddy Wah
    (from: One For One | 1970)
  4. Freddie Hubbard - Mr. Clean
    (from: Straight Life | 1970)
  5. Lee Morgan - In What Direction Are You Headed
    (from: The Last Session | 1971)
  6. Harry Beckett - Harambee
    (from: Warm Smiles | 1972)

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Wed Dec 7 12:47:00 PST 2011
Kozmo said:
As a long-time lurker, I'm here to encourage my silent brethren to post about this wonderful site. This and the kozmigroov pages have brought a wealth of music to my attention that I will be listening to for years to come, and my life is better for the experience. Thanks so much for all of your efforts and please keep them up!
Thu Oct 27 10:35:09 PDT 2011
El Slick said:
How many of these pieces was Herbie on? I thought I heard him on three.
Good pieces here.
Thu Oct 20 01:12:46 PDT 2011
Sharleena said:
I was raelly confused, and this answered all my questions.
Fri Sep 30 23:12:27 PDT 2011
BC said:
toot toot :)