New Corners
New Look, Expanded Scope, More Grooves
Fresh for 2011, BendingCorners has a new look (logo, fonts, colors) and a redesigned display. In addition, we intend to expand our scope beyond podcasting into full blogging.

Its been over 5 years since we last touched the overall site design, and after the sponge attack of late 2010 and the following month long music shutdown (and our near financial collapse), we decided to pamper ourselves with a face lift. BendingCorners is a mix of classic and modern grooves, so we thought it appropriate to create a look that merges old and new - "BendingCorners" is rendered in the classic 60's psychedelic poster art font created by Wes Wilson while "jazz-n-groove" is in the modern round Arista font.

Beginning in 2002, and regularly since 2004, BendingCorners has been a fairly consistent podcast focusing on jazzy grooves and groovy jazz. And now in 2011 we will be joining some of our music blogging cousins and adding single album spotlights to our content mix. However, we will NOT be providing (or linking to) full album rips as that is a practice we don't condone. BendingCorners buys all of our music and we encourage you to do the same. Don't steal music and don't sponge off others. We will however include a few samples of the albums we spotlight, and all albums and podcasts will ofcourse be jazz-n-groove!